02WS Black Men’s Wilvorst Tuxedo

 13 900,00

Cena na prodej: 13.900,- Kč
Cena půjčení: 3.000,- Kč
(půjčujeme na cca 4-5 dní – cena půjčení je paušální, na více dnech se lze individuálně domluvit)
Cut: slim
Color: black
Popis: špičatý límec




The basis of tuxedos

Shawl collar (can be pointed), black shiny lapels made of real silk.

Necessary bow tie

Black bow tie (that’s why it’s on the invitations = black tie = tuxedo).

Detail of trousers

The trousers have one shiny silk stripe on side.

Tuxedo by Kleinod

Emphasis on quality

Exclusive Italian fabrics made from 100% virgin staple wool.

Quality buttons

1 button closure, covered in genuine silk.

Wilvorst is a successful manufacturer of formal formal wear for men and a European leader in this field. The modern man of today always looks absolutely perfect in WILVORST clothing. WILVORST distributes its high quality products to retailers, bridal wear shops and shops specialising in formal fashion. The company was founded in 1916 in Stettin. In addition to its branches in Germany, WILVORST exports its unique fashion pieces to 30 countries worldwide. WILVORST guarantees high quality, professionalism and perfection down to the smallest details of the garment.

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Standardní 44 -58 + nadměrné 60-74 + prodloužené 90-114 + zkrácené 24-33




100% panenská střižní vlna