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Kleinod is a partner of one of the largest German manufacturers of men’s suits Wilvorst and other successful brands. We believe that every success lies in the quality of the materials used and above all in the satisfaction of the customers. The label alone with the words “Made in Germany” speaks for itself.

The history of the brand

Kleinod has set up a cooperation with one of the largest German manufacturers of men’s suits, Wilvorst. Both companies share the same mentality.

A paradise of high-quality men’s and business suits from well-known manufacturers awaits you on 250 square meters – Wilvorst, Atelier Torino, Prestige, Tziacco, Archetipo, White Bros … The offer also includes a wide variety of accessories (cufflinks, socks, underwear, top hats, bow ties and ties, suspenders and much more).

We can offer models in almost all sizes; from small, normal, short or long to oversized.

Strong partnership with Wilvorst

With 200 employees, Wilvorst is the largest company in Germany that manufactures men’s clothing. They take great care to ensure that the garments produced by this company can proudly bear the “Made in Germany” label, the entire production process, including the design, is carried out in Germany.

The company was founded in 1916. But time is running out and fashion is running too. So how is it possible for this company to maintain its success in the men’s evening wear market? Wilvorst himself answers this question by stating that his success depends primarily on clear company principles and more than a century of experience in the industry. Wilvorst is also eager to advance into the future, his 

Continuously training employees and teaching them about new technologies through various training courses and internships around the world.

Get quality

Of course, the company could relocate production to economically backward developing countries, where human labor is cheaper and the company would make higher profits. But that’s exactly what Wilvorst doesn’t want. He wants to keep his know-how and traditions in his area. He wants everything in the company to be under control and in his own hands. This is what makes Wilvorst such a successful and unique company in the menswear market.

In this way, a strong connection and a good partnership was established between Kleinod and Wilvorst, mainly with the aim of delivering you, the customer, high-quality, modern men’s suits made of the highest quality materials

The difference between style
and fashion is quality.

— Giorgio Armani

Brand history kleinod.cz

The history of the KLEINOD Gentleman store dates back to 1994, when it was founded as the KLEINOD Wedding House in Erfurt, Germany, and in a few years built up the status of the largest specialized wedding house in the whole of Thuringia.

In 2006, it expanded to Prague and created one of the largest wedding houses in the Czech Republic.

After 10 years in 2016, the KLEINOD WEDDING HOUSE Prague was reborn in the KLEINOD GENTLEMAN Store and a new era specializing only in men’s fashion (both bridal and social and business) began.

And with a lot of determination, passion and services, the KLEINOD Gentleman store continues and has been operating on the Czech market for 14 years as a leader in the sale and rental of men’s suits.

Individual customer service and meeting special customer requirements are our strengths and distinguish Kleinod. Changes and modifications of the selected suit take place directly in the salon with the support of a skillful lady tailor and trained staff. It is also possible to tailor suits.


Convince yourself of our choice and visit us in Prague in Vinohrady. The Kleinod Gentleman store team is looking forward to your visit.

Make an appointment in advance in our salon with suits. You will ensure that we can attend to you immediately.


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120 00 Praha-Vinohrady,
Česká republika

Telefon: +420 733 320 186
E-mail: kleinod@seznam.cz