02 Eucalyptus green men’s suit

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The new Tziacco collection combines a modern look with historical elements. The subtle eucalyptus green and the combination of wool and cotton creates a matt jacquard pattern, evoking the light boho feel of the suits but still in the royal concept typical of Tziacco, a luxurious and elegant suit like a prince from a fairy tale.

Cena na prodej: 24400 Kč
(komplet 5 ks = sako, kalhoty, vesta , plastron + kapesníček)
Cena půjčení: 8.500,- Kč
(komplet 5 ks = sako, kalhoty, vesta, plastron + kapesníček )
(*půjčujeme na cca 4-5 dní – cena půjčení je paušální, na více dnech se lze individuálně domluvit)
Cut: slim
Color: eukalyptus green


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Matching pieces

Vest in the same brocade material as the jacket.

Label / Etiquette

Brocade formal suits fasten with 1 button or do not fasten at all.

Full service

Includes plain plain patterned trousers in one colour.

Brocade formal suits by Kleinod

We also think about accessories

Plastron – a knotted short tie in the same material as the jacket or trousers.


Decorative distinctive buttons.

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