3 – Burgundy suit Arax Gazzo


Suit from the latest 2023 bridal collection. Exclusive burgundy bridal suit with a fine texture of real silk. Complemented with a waistcoat in a checkered design. Also includes a set of tie, bow tie, handkerchief, beanie – headpiece and corsage of dried flowers. The suit is fashionably fitted and is perfect for both castle and boho or rustic style weddings.

Cut: slim line
Color: burgundy with fine texture




Matching pieces

Vest in the same brocade material as the jacket.

Label / Etiquette

Brocade formal suits fasten with 1 button or do not fasten at all.

Full service

Includes plain plain patterned trousers in one colour.

Brocade formal suits by Kleinod

We also think about accessories

Plastron – a knotted short tie in the same material as the jacket or trousers.


Decorative distinctive buttons.

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