04 Men’s lightweight brocade suit in silver shades Tziacco

 22 900,00

The royal look of this suit gives the groom the opportunity to stand out from the other wedding guests and look like a prince next to his princess bride. Beautiful Italian, lightweight brocade in silver shades. 12 decorative buttons sewn on the front edges. The jacket is unbuttoned, allowing the waistcoat and tie in the same pattern to stand out, all complemented by solid grey trousers.

Cena na prodej: 22.900,- Kč
(komplet 5 ks = sako, kalhoty, vesta , plastron + kapesníček)
Cena půjčení: 8.500,- Kč
(komplet 5 ks = sako, kalhoty, vesta, plastron + kapesníček )
(*půjčujeme na cca 4-5 dní – cena půjčení je paušální, na více dnech se lze individuálně domluvit)
Cut: slim
Color: grey and silver


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Matching pieces

Vest in the same brocade material as the jacket.

Label / Etiquette

Brocade formal suits fasten with 1 button or do not fasten at all.

Full service

Includes plain plain patterned trousers in one colour.

Brocade formal suits by Kleinod

We also think about accessories

Plastron – a knotted short tie in the same material as the jacket or trousers.


Decorative distinctive buttons.

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